Mini Workshops 2018-2019

Monthly Workshops with Brigitte Jeanson

We are very fortunate to have  Brigitte with us as she is in Australia for a limited time.  She hails from France and has offered her services as a bobbin lace teacher with residing with us.

Outlined below is a series of classes which will take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Lace House for members.  

  These classes will be at 1pm on the day.

27th November 2018 – Square Tallies

22nd January 2019 – Colour in Cluny

26th February 2019 – Kangaroos Tallies

30th to 31st March 2019 – Weekend workshop on bookmarks, mouse with moon tallies or with colour tallies

Lacemakers do not need to come to every workshop, but the “Cluny Basics” and the “Leaf Tally” sessions held earlier in 2018 are necessary for the other workshops.

Requirements List – Pillow, pins, scissors, crochet hook.  On 27th Nov 2018 Workshop, we will see how we can manage square tallies.  Lacemakers need 28 bobbins with threads not too fine (~23 or 22 wraps/cm = DMC Cordonnet Special 50 or 40: Madeira Tanne 12 or similar) The bobbins can be in pairs or in single bobbins. (you can use some rest threads from other bobbin lace)

In the January workshop, there are button tallies and raised tallies on the program.  Sixteen pairs of bobbins with the same kind of threads is required.

Come join us and get those grey brain cells working overtime.

For more Information contact :

Margaret on mobile : 0424413891 or

Shirley on email :